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CLEAR 4G Reviews from Customers and Media
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People are talking about CLEAR Wireless Internet Service

CLEAR® Internet Reviews

When it comes to maximum download speeds, CLEAR blows conventional 3G Internet service out of the water. The 3.0 Mbps benchmark speeds and 350 Kbps we managed to pull with torrent files in areas of excellent signal trump anything you can do with a piddly 3G card.

Nick Mokey,

CLEAR is an excellent option for providing broadband Internet service at home or away from home. I'm using the home version of the CLEAR modem as I write this, and have been very happy with the quality of the service and extreme ease of setup…I used the mobile connection in several locations across the Las Vegas Valley, including an area in the farthest southeast corner. The signal was consistently strong, with speeds at 4 megabits per second and higher. I watched online video and uploaded pictures to photo sharing sites easily.

I just think it’s super fast. It’s never ever gone down for me…so far it’s been a great savings for us as well because we don’t have to have the home phone. We’re saving about probably $40 a month.

Christa DiBiase, Executive Producer, The Clark Howard Show

Clearwire WiMAX uses 4G technology to provide wireless internet connection speeds that beat other types of mobile broadband at a reasonable cost.

No technicians or confusing self-install kits will be needed as installation will be a snap. Since there's no wiring involved, you can place your modem & router in the area in your home that is most convenient and has the best signal strength.

Louis Berkowitz, The Examiner Philadelphia

I couldn't be happier. And I'm not tied down to a cord and don't have to deal with a wireless router.

Nicole M, Atlanta GA on Yelp

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